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Wellness Initiative

The month of November has been busy with the launch of our Wellness Initiative at GNA!  Our goal is to build awareness about wellness practices that contribute to healthy minds and bodies, and in turn healthy learning environments. Each month will have a different focus, with activities for both school and home to support our learning.  Our home and school collaboration activities are available by ... Continue reading "Wellness Initiative"

Try Like Terry

Google Meet with Fred Fox (Terry’s brother)

On Thursday September 23 at 8:30am, Fred Fox (Terry’s brother) will speak to the Junior and Intermediate students through Google Meet. 

Hosts: Fred Fox and Terry Fox Ambassador

Content: An up close and personal meeting with Fred Fox as he shares his memories of growing up with Terry and his legacy to ... Continue reading "Try Like Terry"

Terry Fox Activities at Guardian Angels


We are proud to be participating in a number of Terry Fox activities at Guardian Angels C.E.S.

This year, the Terry Fox Foundation highlights Terry’s Métis heritage. Terry’s grandmother was Métis. The Métis people created beautiful beaded floral artwork. This year, in addition to our annual walk on Wednesday September 29, 2021, all students will participate in a beading activity ... Continue reading "Terry Fox Activities at Guardian Angels"

Servant Leadership

 Maya and Bianca, Grade 5s from Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School decided to encourage community spirit and engagement by raising money for mental health support for children who are suffering during the pandemic. They decided to start a jewelry beading company called Mimi & Bibi Co (Instagram name mimiandbibi_co). They are raising money to donated a large portion of the proceeds towards KIDS HELP PHONE. ... Continue reading "Servant Leadership"