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Catholic Education Week 2020

The all encompassing theme of IGNITING HOPE was incredibly timely during the challenging times of our school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Guardian Angels CES community embraced the idea of igniting hope through theme-based activities that focused on PRAYER, MUSIC, and COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS.  

We expressed Our Hope in Christ through sidewalk chalk drawings and messages, spreading the word of ... Continue reading "Catholic Education Week 2020"

Holy Week

“In this time, despite the closure of our Churches, we are still called to nourish our souls with the grace and  strength which only come from our Lord Jesus Christ, through the means which are available to us.”

— Msgr. John Borean

Please see attached a message from St. Clare of Assisi Parish:

St. ... Continue reading "Holy Week"

Mindful March

CSC Fundraiser

Our Catholic School Council launched their MacMillan’s Simply Batter campaign to raise funds for our school to support many different initiatives at GNA, like STREAM, coding, 21st Century Learning and more!

MacMillans specializes in batters and cookie dough that are flash frozen for quality taste and texture.  They offer peanut-free and certified nut-free products.  Get your order in before March Break to be ... Continue reading "CSC Fundraiser"