Our School

Our students will become creative and critical thinkers who work with passion and purpose in collaborative participation that is centred in a school life that includes prayer, social responsibility as global citizens and the integration of Catholic values.

Guardian Angel CES is now in its third year and we are excited to begin our journey once again. We welcome fifty more students to our school and look forward to future growth!

We continue our work in promoting a 21st Century school where students are engaged using technology to enhance their learning. We will be introducing many new programs that you will be able to access at home in order to support your child(ren).

We ask that parents work with us in partnership to ensure our students’ safety and growth by abiding to protocols and procedures set out by the Board and the school.

We ask that you be aware of the events at school by reading our monthly newsletter, emails and by reading our information sign on Chatfield and Lawford.

We look forward to another great year together!