Catholic Education Week 2023

This year’s Catholic Education Week theme is, “We are Many, We are One.

The Church worldwide has embarked on a synodal process, “a synod on synodality,” which centres on intentional listening: listening to each other and listening to the Holy Spirit. We have each been asked to actively reach out and listen to the voices and experiences of people where they are at and consider what steps the Holy Spirit is inviting us to take as we walk together.

There are five sub-themes for each day of Catholic Education Week. The five sub-themes for Catholic Education Week illuminate the path to being many and one. We achieve this unity…

Monday:                      When we see / En voyant

Tuesday:                      When we listen / En écoutant

Wednesday:                 When we reflect / En réfléchissant

Thursday:                    When we learn / En apprenant

Friday:                         When we act / En agissant