Catholic Education Week 2020

The all encompassing theme of IGNITING HOPE was incredibly timely during the challenging times of our school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Guardian Angels CES community embraced the idea of igniting hope through theme-based activities that focused on PRAYER, MUSIC, and COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS.  

We expressed Our Hope in Christ through sidewalk chalk drawings and messages, spreading the word of Christ our Lord.  Our school families utilized The Hope Within Us to contribute donations of non-perishable food and hygiene items to bins at our school to support the Vaughan Food Bank. To celebrate The Hope Among Us, our students wrote poems, drew pictures, and made posters to say thank you to all frontline workers, those who are keeping our communities going during these unprecedented times.  We demonstrated Hope for the World with a Hope Rocks campaign to decorate rocks with hopeful messages and leave them in public places to share our love, faith and hope to the world.  Finally, on Friday, students and families looked to A Future Full of Hope, as we blew bubbles and sent our hopeful wishes & prayers asail on the breeze.

It was a beautiful week and community participation was fantastic.  Thank you to our families for sharing pictures with us and for following our events on Twitter!  You ignited hope!  Now, keep it blazing!  God Bless.